Jamie’s love for travel has led her to many beautiful places.  Being able to personally see architecture from around the world up close and personal, she’s cultivated an appreciation for the fine craftsmanship and a keen eye for detail;  As a Kitchen Designer should.


“I designed our showroom for my clients, builders and local design community. Hopefully this space offers them inspiration and a sense of comfort while choosing carefully curated finishes for their design projects.” -Jamie J.

Having an independent kitchen design in-hand prepares you to talk to a contractor with what you already want and gives them the ability to bid your job properly.  Want to know more “About Us”?  At Curated Kitchen Co. we believe that independent kitchen design is a powerful tool when remodeling or building a house. It is our job to be your advocate for a well thought out and designed home.  Every good GC needs a good Designer.  You want expert(s) on your project, not just 1 chief. This is where a Designer is needed. Build your project tribe accordingly.

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